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Significant wealth rarely arrives unexpectedly, often it is the result of a lifetime’s work or indeed of many lifetimes work, with the successive generations building on the efforts and labours of Parents and Grandparents. We understand that frequently, you are the custodian of wealth and that it should be protected and enhanced for future generations. 

The skill of wealth management is the ability to respond to the needs and requirements of one generation whilst acknowledging the desires and aspirations of another. Structures put in place today may have far reaching effects tomorrow and an appreciation of longer term implications is essential in constructing a plan that satisfies the requirements of all parties.

Meridian Capital provides independent financial advice and wealth management services to private clients, companies and Trusts. Our services incorporate comprehensive financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of other more specialist financial services. Utilising the experience and knowledge of our highly qualified team, we provide a professional and long lasting relationship with our clients and their families. We are always pleased to work with our clients’ advisors to establish structures designed to meet clients’ varied requirements, whether tax planning, succession planning or global asset protection.

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